Renaud de Planta
“Four of our eight managing partners have lived in and held major roles in Asia.
We know the region well.”

Renaud de Planta

Pictet’s Senior Managing Partner

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Pictet in Asia

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Our clients

Clients come to Pictet for the attention, time, and expertise our teams give them. They appreciate the difference it makes to their lives to have a bank built around their interests, with no pressures from external shareholders, creditors, or investment bankers.

Our people

Our people

Pictet’s business model and entrepreneurial spirit attract independent-minded professionals who want to serve clients, not sell products.

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Our history in Asia

Pictet has been in Asia for 40 years, and has steadily expanded its business footprint, taking a long term focus in both our investments and our business, to the lasting benefit of all our stakeholders and the Group.

Why Pictet?

Built by families, trusted by generations


Two centuries ago, some like-minded families joined hands in Geneva.

Much more than just a bank, they wanted a partnership run by families for families.

Since then, nine generations of the same names have been running Pictet, driven by the desire for their clients to succeed in a turbulent world, and to secure family wealth for the generations that follow.

Today Pictet is one of the world’s most trusted names in banking. The families who are our clients, and the family that is Pictet, are still hand in hand.

Interests aligned with our clients’


Pictet is 100% owned by the partners who run it, with no outside shareholders. As a result, we are fiercely independent.

This means we have the freedom to recommend what suits our clients best, not just for the next quarter, but for decades to come. And we have no internal pressure to push specific products, subtly or otherwise.

We are on the side of business owners as private investors, separate from their interests within their corporations.

Time for tailor-made solutions


Our independence and unwavering focus on the long term gives us the luxury of time to reach the right decision.

Whether we are understanding our clients’ goals, creating sophisticated global strategies to meet their objectives, or making those solutions work well for them, we know it takes time to work out what suits our clients, their businesses and their families.

The perspective and the knowledge we gain helps every client. It’s not only what our reputation is built on, it’s what the preservation of wealth and successful investment performance and is all about.

An accessible, dedicated team, home-grown in Asia

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In Asia for decades, we have built up the knowledge and the relationships to help clients broaden their reach, make better decisions, and grow their wealth with peace of mind.

We assemble teams of professionals who dedicate themselves to each client. Our long-serving leaders and specialists are on hand locally. For clients with larger fortunes, we can even act as an outsourced chief investment officer.

Our people join us for our business model and culture. We give them what they need to serve clients meaningfully and they stay with us much longer than the industry average.

A solid global institution

  • 767 bn USD
    Assets under management or custody
    (as of 31 December 2021)
  • 5000+
    Full-time equivalent employees
  • 22.7%
    Core tier 1 capital ratio
  • AA-
    Fitch rating
Armoiries Pictet family

The evolution of Leo, the Pictet Lion

First appearing in the early 17th century on the coat of arms of the Pictet family, the lion was adopted to become the symbol of the Pictet Group in 1955.

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