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Banking , custody & reporting

Pictet’s custody services, top-ranked in international surveys, simplify the safeguarding of your assets, while our reporting system can keep you informed about their performance.


Pictet core banking platform integrates a range of functions globally, including custody services and reporting. This enables us to provide you with an identical level of service through our ten booking centres, helping you to administer your assets around the world and giving you greater control over your investments.



As your custodian, we can handle many aspects of asset ownership. These include collecting income, settling trades, proxy voting and other corporate actions. Taxes levied at source and withholding taxes will be reclaimed where possible. We also organise securities lending, which offers investors an opportunity to earn substantial revenues with limited risks from collateralised loans of their assets to third parties.


Global custody

The first Swiss bank to offer Global Custody services over 30 years ago, we now cover 85 markets worldwide – almost every country with a stock exchange. When we appoint sub-custodians to hold assets in particular countries, we choose local banks only after rigorous scrutiny and careful selection, and monitor them on a daily basis.

With a Global Custody setup, you remain free to choose your portfolio managers, but our banking platform can also execute your investment decisions and trading operations. This usually produces economies of scale which can reduce costs, but it also makes it easier to monitor your portfolios: instead of receiving reports from each custodian which may often require further work to standardise them, we can provide you with comprehensive data so you can monitor performance.



Pictet’s provides a complete range of clear and concise reports, from consolidated overview to detailed analysis, from single-manager to multi-manager analysis, so that you can control your assets and enhance their value. And some can even be tailored to your very specific needs. Reports cover financial statements, investment management and sophisticated performance analysis.


Digital solutions

Our reports are of course available on paper but they can also be easily accessed with our e-banking system Pictet Connect and our mobile app Wealth. These digital solutions also allow you to be notified of every transaction, to communicate securely with your relationship manager and to access a digital copy of every piece of correspondence sent to you.


Once investment decisions are made, trade execution can maximise investors’ returns.

Pictet offers access to every type of investment in the market and preferred access to closed investment pools. Our dealing rooms in Singapore, London, Geneva, and Montreal provide round-the-clock access to all major international markets and asset classes, ensuring first-class access to liquidity.


Listed securities (equities, ETFs and futures and options) can be executed on all major exchanges around the world. We offer a proactive client-driven service with a best execution policy. Pictet has direct access to all main European, North American and Asian exchanges and is a member broker of key exchanges and liquidity pools in Switzerland, Continental Europe and the UK, as well as in North America.


Fixed income

Within fixed income, we have trading desks specialising in corporate, government, convertible, emerging market and domestic (Swiss) bonds. In order to ensure best execution in an OTC environment, we are connected to multiple trading platforms with an extensive list of counterparties to deal with. A dedicated team looks after bonds with a maturity up to one year, commercial papers and fiduciary deposits.


Foreign exchange & precious metals

As an active participant in the interbank foreign exchange market, we can offer timely and competitive prices for currency and precious metals transactions. Our professionals ensure round-the-clock trading on spot, forwards and swaps in all freely convertible currencies and precious metals out of our trading hubs.



Our derivatives desks can execute transactions in standardised and OTC derivatives on both equities and foreign exchange throughout Asian, European and US time zones.


Structured products

We create structured investment products through the entire design and implementation process – from concept to final execution. We ensure competitive conditions either through Pictet issuance or through a rigorous selection of counterparties. We do not trade in the off-the-shelf solutions favoured by product-driven financial institutions.



Fund investments are processed through a dedicated funds desk. Funds are registered in Pictet’s name so we can manage all related corporate actions and custodial duties. Clients may also be able to gain entry to certain closed funds among the 6,500 in which we already invest.


Single point of contact

For our sophisticated private clients, family offices, and institutional clients, we offer access to a comprehensive range of services through a single point of contact and dedicated support.

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