Building foundations

Whether you are a business or investment owning family, a strategy is needed if family wealth is to be protected and enhanced from generation to generation. We can advise on creating a family governance model to protect your family, wealth, business and ownership interests over the long term.

Our team can also assist with structuring your philanthropic activities. Creating charitable foundations, defining your objectives, managing them effectively and involving the next generation can be a source of great satisfaction for wealthy families.

Investments made to measure

Our investment specialists can help you to establish a strategic asset allocation which meets your objectives and risk preferences. We can also advise on selecting third-party managers, monitoring their performance and, if necessary, amending the strategy with you.

From complexity to simplicity

We offer dedicated solutions for large wealth owners, allowing them to build an operational set-up that matches their needs. From custody of assets (global custody or ex-custody solutions), tailored reporting, digital access to trading (direct access to the trading desk), we can provide dedicated solutions to help you control your wealth within a tailor-made operational platform.

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Wealth Management

We can help you and your family protect, grow, and control your wealth

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